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"Advocating for your needs"

Wills & Probate

A will gives directions about how you want your assets divided upon your death. If you have minor children, it also nominates guardians for your children if you pass away before they turn 18.

The right documents to plan your estate can only be determined by taking a look at your circumstances, the specifics of your assets, your goals, your loved ones and family circumstances. Once we explore your situation and goals, we will make recommendations on how to meet your specific goals given your specific circumstances.

Contract Drafting

Well-considered and properly drafted contracts should protect your interests, serve as the basis for a longstanding, mutually beneficial business relationship and prevent the kinds of misunderstandings and disputes that so often end up in court.

Our experience gives us the ability to anticipate future business scenarios, avoid drafting errors, and negotiate contracts that meet the needs of our clients

evictions (landlord- tenant disputes)

Tenant Representation: 

If you are threatened with an eviction, we can help ensure that your landlord follows the proper process and meets the requirements for eviction. It may be possible to extend the time constraints or even fight the validity of the eviction

If your landlord has not provided you with a safe and habitable residence, ensured that you have quiet enjoyment of the property or made reasonable repairs, there are processes you can follow to correct these deficiencies. We will help you get the remedy you need. 

Personal injury

If you or a loved one has been injured in any way through the negligence of others, we urge you to contact us today to ensure that you receive the best legal representation to protect your rights and get the maximum compensation possible. 

Our legal team has the knowledge and expertise to protect you from insurance companies that will pressure you to accept unfair settlements. We will fight for your right to obtain justice and be compensated fairly.


Business Litigation

Starting your own business is an empowering, life changing event. Seun Adeyemi has been helping prospective business owners save time and money on forming their Limited Liability Company (LLC) and realizing their dream of owning their own business.

Having an attorney who has knowledge in forming limited liability companies can save you time and money.

criminal defense

In reality the average person living their life doesn't plan to be arrested. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances occur that thrust a person into the legal system unexpectedly. When this happens, it is normal to be unsure of all of your legal rights or be unprepared for the legal process.

That is why it is so important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side to explain what your options are and what will happen to you. 

Seun Adeyemi understands that good people can find themselved in bad situations. We protect such people from being treated unfairly by the system.

Product Liability 

Under the legal theory of product liability, a consumer may be entitled to compensation when he/she is injured by the proper use of a product. Seun Adeyemi has extensive experience with all types of product liability situations.

There are several ways a product liability case can arise. In some cases, the product may have been designed incorrectly. In other cases, the design of the product may have been correct but the product defect occurred during the manufacturing phase. For those harmed by a defective product, we can help you receive the compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

TRAFFIC tickets

Even the best drivers get pulled over for a moving violation. Traffic citations can be tedious to deal with, and may cause anxiety for individuals worried about points on their driver's license and an increase in insurance rates. 

Our office can handle traffic tickets, warrants, and license restoration.

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